Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up...

My weekend in pictures (and a few words)...

This weekend Tamara and I traveled down to Little Rock to spend the weekend with Becky. We had a great time, lots of laughs, did some shopping, ate lots of good food, and even learned some new dance moves! Ha!

Tamara, Kristen and Becky eating lunch at ZaZa's. (Soooo good!!)

Eating gelato. Yummy!!!

Becky, Tamara and Me ready to go out on the town. :)

Me, Tam and Becks

Being silly!

Eating (again!)...this time at McAlisters.


Oops...that pic is a little off-center. :)

So pretty.

Dinner at Canon Grill.

Becky and Jared. What a cute couple!

We had soooo much fun this weekend! The time flew by way too quickly.
I heart my girls!

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