Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things...

Summer is winding down. I've been working in my classroom and attending in-services this past week. Tomorrow marks my first official day back to work. I'm excited to get to hang out with my 2nd grade team (although we've been together so much this summer, it doesn't really seem as if we ever left each other). We have so much fun together and I love working with this group.

Haley, Ashley, Jennifer and Me
Ashley, Me, Jennifer and Tammy

Payton's school starts in a week and a half. He's looking forward to going to middle school. And having a locker. And having gym class. And having good food at lunch. And getting to ride the bus. And probably not having his mom in the same building anymore. Ha! I guess it does sound pretty exciting. Makes his mama a little teary though.

Mason, Colin, Payton, McKenzie, Kaleb and Caleb

Elyse's school starts back up in two weeks. She has been talking about her teachers and her friends all summer long. A few days ago we were driving in the car and out of the blue she said, "Mommy, go see Carol at school?" Carol is her teacher who she loves SO much! I know she will be excited to see her again! It will be interesting this year because she will be one of the "big kids" now...
Silly girl playing on the climber at school.Elyse and her girlfriends.
She has had so much fun the past few weeks going to Tamara's house. Every morning she just walks right in and makes herself at home. She has not even cried once when I left. I think that's a record for Little Miss Elly.

I hate to see the summer come to an end, but I am excited about starting a new school year. And even more excited about seeing how Payton and Elyse grow and change this year.

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