Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Looking Forward To...

This weekend Tamara and I are headed to Little Rock to visit Becky for the weekend. I am SOOO excited to see Becky and to have a girls weekend! Let the fun begin!!

Sara, Becky and Christy
Christy and Tamara

Becky and Mallory
Here's the plan, man:
Friday night: We're going to go out somewhere nice to hang out, talk, and have some fun!
Saturday morning: Going for a run in preparation for our 10k on Labor Day.
Saturday afternoon: Lunch with sweet, sweet Kristen.
Saturday night: Becky and Tamara will school me in the kitchen. :) Yum...I'm so lucky to have friends who cook so well (because I sure can't!)
Sunday morning: Church and brunch
And of course...lots of talking and laughing together at all times!
Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.
Oh, and don't worry...I'll have my camera ready to catch the action!! ;)

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  1. I just saw this post! I had SOOO much fun with you and Tamara! Well, we didn't do half of the stuff you listed, but I think dancing was much more fun than cooking!!! LOVE YA!