Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Float Trip...

Yesterday we went out on a float trip on the Illinois River. The weather was perfect -low 80s and sunny. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Austin came along with us for a fun day of rafting, swimming and playing.

This was Elyse's very first float trip and overall she did a really good job. She wasn't very fond of her life jacket at first, but got used to it after a while. We only went out for about 2 hours because we were not sure how she would do...but since it was a success, next time we can plan a longer trip!

Here are some pictures from our trip...

Elyse and Payton putting on sunscreen and getting ready to go out on the river.
Ha! This is what they look like normally. Just kidding!

Cool dudes. Can't believe the summer is almost over and they'll be going into middle school.

Me and my hubster. So handsome!

Sissy and Mama. My precious baby girl.

Elly wanted to help daddy paddle. "I do it, daddy."

And we're off!

I got a little bored during the car ride and had to keep myself entertained. :)

So sweet!!
Learning how to skip rocks.

We made several stops to play, swim and cool off in the water.

She loved watching for fishies and birdies.

The boys were good paddlers. Although for some reason we seemed to zig-zag quite a bit. Ha!

Skipping and rocks. Both boys were good but Austin won the contest and got the most skips.

Austin spotted all sorts of creatures: a snake, tons of HUGE fish, spiders, and what we think was a muskrat?????

At the spot where we got off the river there was a giant water slide that the boys got to go down.

We had a blast today and I'm really looking forward to taking the family out for another float trip.

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