Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, What A Night...

Last night all of my besties got together to hang out. Becky had just passed her last test of nursing school so she is now officially finished and we just had to celebrate that accomplishment! Yeah Becky! Also, Roxana was in town from Baltimore and it's not very often that all of us are in town at the same time and able to get together.

We started the night at Tamara's house where she made us some YUMMY food and we hung out and talked. Mmmm, I'm still thinking about those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Wish I had just one more... Next we headed to the movie theatre to see My Sister's Keeper. We were all a little (actually a lot) disappointed in the movie because it was not nearly as good as the book. They left out SO much and it just wasn't the same at all. Then it was out for a couple drinks and back to Tamara's for more cookies and lots of laughter. Here are some pictures from our night out.

The whole gang: Amy, Mallory, Sara, Becky, Christy, Roxana, Tamara

Becky and Mallory

Amy, Tamara, Roxana, Christy, Becky, Sara
Me and Roxy

Tamara and Amy

Roxana + Sara = Ca-razy!!!!
We had so much fun together and it was awesome to have everyone together again. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does we sure do have a good time. I love you girls!!!!!

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