Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bachelorette Finale...

Last night was the season finale of the Bachelorette. I know, I know... you're wondering what in the world I am going to live for during the next few months. So am I, my friend, so am I. Oh? My husband? My kids? I guess they'll have to do until the next season of The Bach is here. It's always a little sad when it ends...especially when she doesn't pick the person you're rootin' for.

Ashley invited us over to her place for a viewing party. Things got a little iffy for a while there. We weren't sure if Cathy was going to make it through the night. Luckily, she pulled herself together and didn't have a breakdown like last time. :)

Cathy, Ashley, Jennifer, Beth and Haley

Cathy, Ashley and Jennifer getting ready for the action to begin!

Cathy was a little (ok...I mean a LOT) upset when Kiptyn was sent packin'. I think Ashley's trying to duck for cover in this picture because she's not sure what Cathy's going to do. :)

And the top moments of The Bachelorette Finale are...

* The scene with Jillian and Ed snuggling and kissing on the bed - cut to a shot of a volcano exploding. Really? Was that necessary? I mean we all know that Ed had some issues during the fantasy suite date but really???

* Kip gets to go first to pick out a ring and he selects a nice, classy ring. Good choice! Now it's Ed turn and he chooses... wait a sec... is that a Superbowl ring? That thing is HUGE and UGLY!! Poor Ed. He's seriously got some style issues goin' on, but as Haley pointed out I guess it makes him even more lovable.

* When the boys are getting ready to find out who is "the one for Jilly". First they show Kip getting ready. Man, look at that 9 pack! Those abs are incredible. Next they cut to Ed getting ready...he walks out with nothing but his undies on. Let's just say that while Ed's body is perfectly normal it was not fair to show it in comparison to Kiptyn and his 13 pack abs!! Poor Eddy boy.

* The return of Reid! Only to be shot down once again. The first guy in Bach history to be rejected twice in one season. My sweet, sweet Chandler... I mean Reid.

Overall, this season was just ugh. I didn't like Jillian nearly as much as I did when she was on Jason's season of The Bachelor. Although I definitely admire her fashion sense! Ed is a sweetie, but I don't think he would have been my first choice. Can't wait to hear if they're still together tonight on the After the Final Rose!

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  1. i agree!! did you watch tonights after the rose ceremony?! poor reid, it was just so akward!!