Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bachelorette: Who Wears Short Shorts...

Ed wears short shorts!

I really, truly feel bad for Ed after watching last night's episode. I mean, come on! The camera man must have been less than 2 feet away as he was rubbing Jillian down with baby oil in the fantasy suite. What do you expect from the poor guy? Maybe he needed a little privacy.

But the whole bedroom scene was not even what really bothered me about the show. What bothered me the most was the swim trunks Ed was wearing when he went on the boat with Jillian. I mean, did he forget his swim trunks at home and have to borrow a pair of her shorts to wear instead? Those puppies were so short! I was just in shock the whole time. While they were on the boat. While they were visiting with his parents. All I could think was "What is he wearing?" There were a few shots where I got pretty nervous that we were going to see more than we bargained for.

I'm not even going to mention his suit at the rose ceremony. Yikes!

Oh poor, poor Ed. It will take him a long time before he is able to live down last night's episode of The Bachelorette.

The shorts. The suit. The ED...I mean the lack of chemistry in the bedroom. Overall, I think it was not a good night for poor Eddie.


  1. hey girl, found you through mama kat's.... i'm right there with you about ed! but i'm still rooting for him! i couldn't believe the shorts!! insane!

  2. I hopped over from Mama Kat and your blog is too cute! I agree about Ed's shorts. I tried to think they were hot since he's my favorite but I just couldn't seem to make that work. Your family is beautiful BTW!

  3. Just came over from Mama kats...
    I totally agree! I think the suit at the end was horrible (what were those 2 bus together?!?!) BUT that green "man-kini" STOLE the show! lol (did you hear him call it that at the end?)