Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette: Why??????

One Question...

Why don't the rejected guys ever say anything to Jillian about *The Bad Guys* (aka Wes) when they are leaving the rose ceremony? They go on and on about how they think she's so wonderful. They care so much about her. She better watch out for Wes. He's there for the wrong reasons. He has a girlfriend. BUT they don't say anything to her???? I don't get it...

But then again, it probably wouldn't matter anyway. The girl is blind when it comes to Wes. I just can not believe she gave him a rose.


  1. Came over from MamaKat's because I love good Bachelorette gossip.... I have to read everyone's recaps....
    I can't stand Wes, but believe he is there because it's good TV; she can't possibly be THAT.DUMB.
    And I (unlike others) am happy to see Ed back!!!

  2. I'm really really scared that she is going to pick Wes in the end. Not only is he a liar and a scammer. But that lifestyle is NOT what she needs if she wants a family. What is she thinking?

  3. I love Ed!!!

    Kiptyn too... (but not his name...ugh!)

    Wes is a creep.,. but I'm sure the producers whispered in her ear and said... "he makes good TV... keep him around..."

  4. I like them all except Wes...but, I've decided that I'm not sure if I could get rid of him either. Something about him is SO hot!!! I think it's his voice...not his singing voice, but his talking voice. He is a jerk though.

    I like Kiptyn the best.

  5. Yes! Why don't they each say, "great to know you and by the way Wes is jerk"?? Better yet, why don't they ALL tell her before she even hands out the roses...that way they don't have to go home at all!! Blast.

  6. Wes seriously makes me want to up chuck all over the place, how can she not see that he is a slim ball, I just don't get it!!! Ugh, on the other hand Kiptyn is such a cutie...I hope she picks him!! ;)