Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bachelorette and a New Book...

So disappointed that Wes didn't show up for the Men Tell All episode. They showed plenty of footage of him, but I sure would have liked to hear what that guy had to say. Would have made the night much more interesting!

My favorite quote from the show goes to....Tanner with this humdinger-

"I may not be able to play the guitar, I may not be able to break dance, but Daddy can suck a mean foot."

Two words: Oh. My.

I sure was excited to see that my precious Reid is going to be back next week. Can't wait to hear the shocking confession!

Moving on...
I'm currently reading this book and enjoying it so far. I'm a fan of Jane Green's books and this one is off to a good start. Once I finish I'll rate it for ya. (Please hold back your excitement).

It's off to an in-service day for me tomorrow. While the kids may still have almost a month until school starts, the summer is winding down for me. Time for teacher's meetings and preparing my classroom.


  1. that was totally my favorite line too!! classic!! i can't wait until next week!!

  2. I was hoping Wes would be there, too...the spineless jellyfish! :) Can't wait to see who she picks. I hope it's Kiptyn!!