Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pronunciation is Everything...

Meet Axl...
He is Nanna and Poppie's dog. This pic shows him hiding from the fireworks. He does NOT like the loud noises they make.

Elyse has taken a liking to Axl during this visit. She walks around the house yelling, "Axl, Axl." The only problem is that she hasn't really gotten the /x/ sound down. It sounds more like /s/... so it sounds like she's walking around yelling, "@$$hole, @$$hole." Luckily, we know what she's trying to say. But if a guest were to come visit, they would think that our 2 year old daughter has a filthy mouth.

It's kind of like the time we went to eat out at a restaurant and she dropped her fork on the ground. We knew she was saying "fork, fork, fork" but the people at the table next to us sure were looking at us funny.

Happy 4th of July! I will post pictures from our weekend tomorrow.

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