Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Things...

Just a few things I wanted to mention...

1. Payton is going to the FHS Bulldog Basketball Camp this week and is really enjoying it (hhmmm...who would have thought?). The Ramay Junior High coach asked him yesterday if he was going to play for him next year. They just can't wait to get their hands on him, but they'll have to wait at least another year. :) Today he won the Hot Shot competition and came in 3rd in the obstacle course (the first place winner was an 8th grader who beat him by 1 second). Pretty impressive, I must say.

2. I'm lovin' the Bachelorette this season! I just think Jillian is so cute and she was one of my favorites last season. Last night I was SO glad to see Psycho David get the boot! That guy has some serious issues. Can you say stalker??? I still like Kiptyn (so cute) and Jake (although I'm starting to think it's not going to work out for Jake) and I'm really starting to like Reid (aka Chandler Bing), Ed (precious), Robbie D!!!!, and Jesse (although he could stand to lose the newsboy cap). So many to choose from! Can't wait til next week to find out who has the girlfriend...Wes anyone??? By the way the highlight of the night for me was not having to listen to him sing that LAME song again!

3. We're off on a road trip to St. Louis tonight. Ryan has a doctor's appointment bright and early tomorrow morning. Since they have done several MRIs in the past 8 months and have found nothing, they've decided to do a muscle biopsy (ouch!) to see if that gives them any clues about what is going on with his leg. The chances that the test will be helpful are slim, but at this point we're willing to take those chances. So keep Ryan in your thoughts over the next day or so. Hopefully the doctors will be able to give us some news!

Ryan's biopsies went well today. They took a little piece of nerve from his ankle and a little piece of muscle from his calf. It will take a couple weeks before we get any results back. Ryan is doing well...just can't walk very well yet, has to kind of hop along. Poor thing. And Elyse (like always) was a trooper on the trip. She did a great job on the car ride, sleeping in the hotel, and hanging out at the hospital all morning. Thank goodness she is so easy!!

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