Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today was a very bittersweet day for me.

One one hand it was exciting because Payton is now officially a 6th grader. He is done with elementary school and is movin' on up middle school. He is so excited about it and can't wait to have a locker and switch classes and all that fun stuff! Payton is definitely ready for the next level academically and I am so excited to see how he grows and what kind of young man he will become over the next several years.

On the other hand it's kind of sad because he won't be at the same school with me anymore. No more seeing him in the hallways. No more sitting with him at lunch. No more watching his programs and talent shows during assemblies. No more poking his head into my classroom to say hello or ask a question. No more help carrying all my heavy bags down the halls in the morning. No more being able to know every single little thing that is going on with him so easily.

It's hard to see your kids grow up so quickly. If only we could slow down time...

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