Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Field Day...

Whew...what a day it has been!

Today was field day at Holcomb... and boy was it a busy day!! We spent the morning playing outside and letting the kids do different activities like water balloon fights, jump rope, Dance Dance Revolution, soccer, play on the playground...and of course what Payton spent his whole morning doing....basketball. Are you surprised? Neither am I.

After a morning of playing we had a teachers vs. 5th graders softball game. Payton scored the only run for the 5th graders when he hit a pop fly out to center field and I somehow missed it. Oops! I really didn't do it on purpose. I promise. Really. The teachers ended up winning 7-1.

After the softball game the school headed back inside for a variety show. Payton and some of his friends did a dance that was a big hit with the audience. (Payton is in the back row in the gray shorts and red shirt.)Here's the video of it...

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