Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pop Quiz...

So, I've seen this on a couple blogs (including Beth's) that I read and thought it might be fun to do.

Here's how it ask your husband a series of questions starting with, "What's my favorite" and then you see how his answers match up to yours. (My answers are in parenthesis.)

What's my favorite song? Some kind of R&B song...or something by Kris Allen ((This one is so hard to pick.....I would have to say that right at this exact moment it's Kris Allen's version of Heartless)

What's my favorite food? Kobe, does that count? Japanese...California Roll (Japanese food...yummy!)

What's my favorite color? Blue (Blue...always has been, always will)

What's my favorite time of day? Mornings (Evening, after we're all home from school and work and can hang together as a family)

What's my favorite drink? Dr. Pepper (No brainer...Dr. Pepper)

What's my favorite alcoholic drink? Margarita (White wine OR Margarita...too hard to pick just one)

What's my favorite store? Old Navy is ONE of your favorites. Any store I let you take the credit card in is your favorite. :) (Toss up between Target, Old Navy, and Gap....again, it's too hard to pick just one!)

What's my favorite flower? Tulip (Lily)

What's my favorite holiday? Christmas (Christmas)

What's my favorite restaurant? Kobe (Kobe....mmmmm, sushi)

Overall...he gets an A. Good job Ryan!!! He knows me pretty well...maybe a little too well. <3

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