Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some of our favorite things...

Sushi and Ice cream....but not necessarily together.

1. Kobe
Yesterday Ryan, Elyse, and I went to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Kobe. Payton spent the night at his friend's house, so it was just the three of us. Elyse LOVES Japanese food so much. I guess it's because I ate it so often when I was pregnant with her. :) She really goes to town on her miso soup and noodles. It's amazing how much that little girl can eat!

2. Ice cream
Elyse's school had an ice cream party yesterday to celebrate the end of the year. All the kids and their families were there. Elyse's babysitter Sam even came to see her and give her a gift. How sweet! This morning there was a picture of Elyse at the ice cream party in our local newspaper. She's famous!

Elly and Ryan. Love the way she loooks at her daddy with such adoration. Sweet!

She just loves her miso soup!

Elyse and Sam (her babysitter) at the ice cream party at IDC.

Elly and Payton at the party. She's got her eye on someone. :)

Cleaning up after eating.

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