Sunday, May 31, 2009

High Jumper...

Payton's track team went to a meet in Little Rock yesterday. We drove down on Friday night and stayed at Tamara's house. Thanks Tamara! We also went out to lunch at Arkansas Burger Company with Tamara, Cayden, Becky and the Penne family. It was delicious! The meet started bright and early at 8:00 and lasted until 4:00. It was a long, HOT day! Payton did the high jump for the first time:

This was his last jump 0f 4'2''...everyone else was out by then and he decided to stop jumping because he had already....

1. kneed himself in the eye when he landed between the two mats they had pushed together (he has a large black lump next to his right eye)

2. gashed his leg open with his spikes as he made one of his jumps ( looks pretty gross!)

He decided that since he had already won the event, he might as well quit while he was ahead and before he injured himself any further since he still had his two running events to complete.

Here are his stats from the track meet:

High jump 1st place 4'2''

100m 1st place 14.00 sec

200m 1st place 30.68 sec

Way to go Payton!!!!!

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