Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aloha, Part 2...

Here is the second set of pictures from our trip to Hawaii. One of the highlights of the trip was going on a zip line tour through the rain forest. I included a video from the tour at the end of this post as well.
Christy, Payton and Ryan after the zip line tour. We had a blast, but we were soaking wet and muddy from all the rain. It was fun riding in the hummer through the rain forest.
Me and Ryan in the rain forest. We saw 4 different waterfalls on the tour.

Ryan and Payton.

Christy and Payton.
All suited up for the zip-line tour through the rain forest. Payton's helmet said Pee-Wee. Ha!
Payton and Ryan inside the lava tube. It was REALLY dark in there, so the flash was pretty bright. :)

Payton, Elly, and me in the big section of the lava tube. Only the boys continued on to the pitch black section from the picture above.

Elyse, me, and Payton at Mount Kilauea...the volcano is in the background.

Steam from the volcano.

Cousin Katie and Elyse practicing their ballet moves.

Aren't they cute? Elyse wanted to be just like Katie...monkey see, monkey do.

Christy and Ryan at Akaka Falls.

Elyse, Christy and Payton at Akaka Falls.

Katie, Alex, Elyse and Payton.

Payton going across the last and BIGGEST zip-line. Woo hoo!! This one was a little bit scary because it was 1,000 feet across, it was pouring rain, and they told us that small people had gotten stuck part way across before. You can hear the guide telling Payton to "run, run, run" because he wanted him to build up enough speed to make it all the way across. Luckily we all made it! You could see a waterfall to the right and the ocean to the left as you went across the valley. So beautiful!

This trip was such a great experience for us. We were able to experience so many amazing sights. We are one lucky family!! Aloha!

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