Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aloha, Part 1...

We've got so many pictures of our trip so far. Here are just a few...

Elyse relaxing on the hammock. All this playing is hard work! (not to mention the time change)

Watching the dolphins. (Elyse is saying, "Where'd it go?")

Eating at the Kona Brewery.

Head first down the water slide.

He's too cool! We had lots of fun using our new underwater camera.

See how much fun Elly was having going down the slides. Ha!

Going down backwards. Now Payton really did have fun on the slides!

Elyse and Mommy enjoying the water.


Me and my sweet babies.

How long can he hold his breath?

Me and my Lysie Lou.

Ryan and Christy

Payton and loves.

Aloha! (Elyse loved the waterfall in the background...she was much more interested in that than the camera.)

They're just too cute for words!

Elyse and Ryan at Uncle John's wedding.

Christy and Elyse at the wedding. (Payton was trying to avoid the camera because he'd had enough pictures!!)

Elyse and Cousin Katie at the Ladie's Luncheon. Aren't they cute?

Nanna and Nonnie at the Ladie's Luncheon. We love you guys!
Elyse and Aunt Liz

Here's the aloha bear that Elyse "made."

Looks like she was just observing as others made her bear for her. What a princess! Ha!

Elyse and Ana (we named the bear after the beach where we got married). :)

More pics to come later! Aloha!

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