Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stress Is My Middle Name...

I have not had much time. or motivation. to blog lately.
Between work. family. work. boot camp. work. basketball. work. cleaning. work...
There just hasn't been much time left over for blogging.
We've had a busy few weeks including...
- basketball practices, camps, and tournaments
- a family float trip
- camping (in the backyard)
-graduating from boot camp (ha!)
- Payton's end of semester finals
- end of the year paperwork at school
-and much more!
Monday is our last day of school and then I will officially be on summer vacation. I'm excited and ready to spend days at the pool. sleep in each morning (if you count 7:30 as sleeping in). being able to clean the house and do chores during the day, so we can spend time together as a family in the evenings.
I promise that I'll be a better blogger soon!!!

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