Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today started out as kind of a bummer as we woke up to hear a strange sound coming from our air conditioner. It sounded like it was shaking and the fan blade was whacking something. So... we put in a call to have it checked out.
Turns out, a sticker had come off the unit and gotten stuck on the fan blade. It threw it off balance... hence the strange sounds.
Repair bill: $50
And... we felt pretty stupid. Totally could have handled that ourselves.
Then this afternoon my check engine line comes on in the Accord...

Another bummer! Especially since we leave in the morning for our trip to St. Louis. {Why does stuff like this always happen the day before you go on vacation?!?!}

So... I put in a call to the dealership and they tell me to bring it right in. I drop it off and get a ride home, only to be called shortly after by the service department. He told me he had some good news and some bad news.

We started with the good: Nothing major. Just a loose fuel cap. Bad news: We still had to pay for them to hook it up and run their tests.

Repair bill: $54

And... again I felt pretty stupid! I didn't screw the stinkin' gas cap on all the way after I filled up my tank. Really??? Ugh!!!

So I was feeling a little bit bummed about my silly mistakes today, when I got some more news. The father of one of my students had passed away last night. This just absolutely broke my heart.

All I can think of is my sweet, little 7 year old guy and what he's going through right now.
Makes my complaints really seems trivial...
Please keep this family in your prayers.

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