Monday, October 12, 2009

Farewell to a Friend...

For the last two and a half years Elyse has had a constant companion. An amigo. A buddy. A best friend. Always by her side. This week we sadly (not) said goodbye to her bff... the pacifier.

They've traveled the world together.
Been together through good times and bad.

It's always been there to provide support.

Make her feel secure and safe.
Early in the morning, late at night.

During LOTS of long car rides to brother's basketball tournaments.

Through visits with the "doctor".

Although it will be missed (but not by me), the time has come to say our last goodbye. Our little lady is growing up. Becoming more independent. So pacie...maybe we'll see you around (but really, I hope we don't)!


  1. You know, when it's time it's time! Haha. Cute.

    My new blog is up, would love to have you visit!

  2. HAHA!! I love it!! Yea! I miss you guys like crazy! I still have the postcard "thank you" note you sent me from Elyse's first birthday. Makes me miss her.