Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up...

We had a great Labor Day weekend and really enjoyed having the extra day off of work! It was sooo nice to spend an extra day getting things done around the house and relaxing with the fam.

The weekend started off with a bang as I met up with a group of teachers at US Pizza for dinner and laughs. We headed down to Qdoba to watch the amazing Tanika compete in the burrito eating contest...

She's little...but that girl can EAT! She ate two GIANT burritos in 5 minutes and made it to the finals in two weeks. Just imagine...winning all the burritos you want for a whole year.
Here's Haley learning how to juggle from some random guy on Dickson Street. She actually did it a few times. Very talented.

I got home Friday night and went to bed....was sleeping peacefully. Listening to the sound of the rain on the roof. The THUNDER! Oh crud, that thunder was LOUD! SO. LOUD. When all of a sudden our fire alarm goes off. Ryan and I jump out of bed, run to the kid's rooms, get them out of bed and run to the garage.

"Did you smell smoke?"

"No, did you?"

"No. Maybe we should go check."

Ryan goes back in and soon comes back shaking his head. He pulls down the ladder to the attic, climbs up and checks there. No fire. No smoke. We troop back inside and try to get everyone settled back into bed so that we can get a few more hours of sleep.

The next day we found out the lightning struck behind our house. Our neighbors totally lost power and a lot of their circuits and appliances were totally shot. We lost power in Payton's room (restored by flipping the breaker), lost Internet service for a day until they could come replace the fried lines outside, and had to replace our refrigerator which went kaput.

What was the deal with all the fire alarms this week? Evacuating school into the pouring rain with 600+ kids on Wednesday and then evacuating our house into the pouring rain with two very sleepy kids on Friday. Hopefully, we won't be hearing any more alarms for a looong time. Seriously!

Saturday morning I rolled out of bed (still so sleepy...) and met Tamara, Becky, Sara and Jennie for a 6 mile run. We started at Tamara's house and ran to my house and back. It was a good run and we were feeling ready for the 10k on Monday. Later that morning we all made brunch (eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit) and boy was it good! Yummmm! Then Payton went over to his BFF's, Spencer, for an afternoon of playing and to watch the Hog game.

That night we all met up again to watch the first Razorback game of football season. We started out at Tamara's house but when Cox was having issues getting the game on TV, we quickly packed everything up and headed to our house to watch it on Dish. Of course, as soon as we got here and purchased the game for the second time, we heard that it was working on Cox. Of course.

Elyse enjoyed having Addye, Kynzie, and Hayven over to play with during the game. Addye played doctor and gave everyone check-ups. Maybe she'll follow in her daddy's footsteps. :)

Ryan, Lorenzo, and Drew watching the game.

Me and Tamara. Go Hogs!

Jennie and Becky. Wooo pig sooie!
Sunday morning we got up and ventured to Lowe's to find a new refrigerator since ours was on the fritz. We also got lots of paint samples since our living room wall was damaged last month during the hail storm. When we have it repaired this week, we decided we might as well have it painted at the same time. So we picked out a new color for the living room, hallways, and entry way and also a new color for the kitchen. I'll post some pictures after it's all done!
The rest of the day we just kind of relaxed and did some laundry, cleaning, and other things around the house. That night we rented Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Very cute!
Monday morning I got up bright and early and went up to Bentonville with Tamara for the Run For a Child 10k. We met up with Amy, Jake and Jody. The weather was nice and cool (and foggy) and the course was very pretty. There were quite a few hills, especially the first few miles, but there were some good, long downhill stretches too. I ended up finishing in 57 min. That's about a 9.20 pace. Ugh. I was kind of disappointed, but oh well. It's a new PR for me (since it's the only 10k I've ever run). :)
Overall, the weekend was great. I was awful about taking pictures but we all still had a lot of fun anyway!

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