Monday, September 7, 2009

A DuggEr Meets the DuggArs...

This morning I ran in the Run For A Child 10k in Bentonville. As soon as Tamara and I parked and walked to the registration/starting area I heard an announcement over the loud speaker...

"The Duggar family is here volunteering today. Let's give a special hello to the Duggars!"

I immediately started waving to all my fans. Oh. Wait. Not me. THE DuggAr family. 19 kids + 1 on the way. That Duggar family. Of the TLC show fame.

Tamara immediately starting jumping up and down in excitement. "I am their #1 fan! We have to go find them and say hello. Maybe we can get on TV" she declared. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit, but she was really excited to see them.

We see them several times before the race walking around with their camera crew and sound guys following behind them. I tried to avoid the cameras as Tamara tried to jump in front of them every chance she got. :) At the end of the race they were standing at the finish line passing out water bottles. Again I tried to avoid the camera. I was hot. Sweaty. Tired. Hyperventilating. And Bright Red. Not ready to be on TV.

I know. I know. I would fit right in with them. Wouldn't even have to change my name. I'd just need to grow my hair out and purchase some long skirts. It'd be perfect. Tamara could come visit me at their house (her dream come true). I could help care for the new baby. Nah.

After the race we were walking around getting all the free goodies when Michelle Duggar walked right by us. Of course, we had to take this opportunity to talk with her...

Tamara: I'm your number one fan. I watch every single episode. I just watched your DC episode. And so on and so on. (or something to that effect)

Me: My last name is Dugger too. Except it's Er. And thanks to you I get asked constantly if I am one of THE DuggArs. (or something like that)

Really, she was very nice and sweet. The kids seemed so well behaved. I'm sure they're a perfectly nice family. I'm just sayin'...

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  1. Seriously snickering right now!

    I have to admit I do think of "the other Duggar" family when I visit your blog... What can I say, I'm guilty of press impression!

    At any rate good for you for participating in the run!