Thursday, September 17, 2009


Every week in my classroom we have a "mystery reader." A parent, or a person in the community who comes by our room to read a story to us. All week I give the kids clues and they try to guess who it might be.

Monday's clue: I drive a white car.

The kids aren't sure. Could be anyone. They list some parents, neighbors,babysitters, friends, teachers. There are lots of candidates for who it could possibly be, but they're really not sure.

Tuesday's clue: I have one sister.

Narrows it down a little. Now they suspect 3 moms, and our principal (who by the way does not drive a white car, but oh well, they think it would be exciting).

Wednesday's clue: I have brown hair and brown eyes.

The room is silent as they think about it. Trying to put all 3 clues together. Narrowing it down, removing people from the list. The principal is no longer an option since her hair is red. It's so quiet as the kids concentrate and run a list of people through their little brains. You could hear a pin drop.


"Aha...I know who it is!" As the student raises himself out of his seat. Finger pointed in the air. A look of certainty on his face.

"Who????" All the other kids ask in amazement. You can tell they're all impressed that he's figured it out based on the clues.

"Barack Obama!" Cheers ring throughout the room. High fives are exchanged.

Uuuummmm...I'm afraid the kids may be a wee bit disappointed on Friday afternoon...

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  1. Oh how funny and cute! Wouldn't that be something if the President showed up to read them a story! Ha! I remember us writing the Pres. in the 2nd grade. I don't even remember who it was... :) Too cute!