Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday Tamara, Melisa, Jennie, and I got together to make invitations for Becky's baby shower. Tamara and I had a really hard time making a decision on the design, so we just decided to make 3 different ones. I really think they all turned out soooo cute!
Here they are...
Number 1:

{Sorry for the poor picture quality... it was taken on my phone.}

Number 2:

Number 3:

All together...

Of course, in real life they don't have the white blobs on them. Just thought I'd put them on in case there are any creepers out there. Ya never know, right?!
Next up... decorations and dessert! Congratulations to Becky and Jared. Can't wait to celebrate baby Kinley!

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  1. Oh Christy! They are all super cute! I for one think the decision to make all three works GREAT!!

    How fun ~