Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrity Runner...

I saw this link over on Skinny Runner and had to give it a try.
Since I love running.
And I love celebrities.
I just HAD to know which celebrity runner I am.
Here are my results...
"According to the results Katie Holmes finished the New York City marathon in 5:29:58. But the fact that she finished sweat free and apparently without wearing a bra fueled many conspiracy theories about her actually finishing."
I actually got Oprah Winfrey the first time I took the quiz, but we all know Oprah is not a serious runner {like me}. No matter how much I love me some Oprah {and I really, really do... just ask Ryan}, I don't run like Oprah... Primarily because I am just so darn fast! Ha - actually I'm pretty slow these days. Although her marathon time was like an hour better than Katie's maybe I should've stuck with her!


  1. I've seen this picture a few times and I've always thought - what chick runs without a bra? I mean, to me, that's just insane. Why would you DO that?! LOL

  2. Plus, we all know that the iPod holder goes on your ARM not your wrist....