Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bentonville Half Marathon...

I DID IT!!!!!
After seeing all the people running in the Little Rock Marathon last weekend, I decided on Thursday night that it would be an awesome idea to sign up to run in the Bentonville Half Marathon on Saturday. Sounds like a good plan, right?
Well...maybe if I had run more than 10 times in the past six months! Ha!
I went into the race with only one run the whole time. I didn't care what my time was. I didn't care what my pace was. I just wanted to make it through.
The weather was icky... cold (mid to upper 30s), windy, and a little misty. The course was nice because it was mostly flat, except for the last mile which was almost all up hill. Seriously?!?!
The organizers of the race did a great job. There were tons of people out cheering the racers on, live bands playing along the course, and plenty of water, Powerade, oranges, and gel at each mile to keep the runners energized.
I finished in 2:28. Which is an 11:30 average pace. Pretty good for doing absolutely zero training.
Now I'm pumped and looking forward to running The Hogeye in April!


  1. No training?! Amazing job!

  2. Oh my gosh Christy!!! No training and you set the course on fire!! That is so great...

    You are to be congratulated and be feeling very proud of yourself :-)