Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kansas City Tournament...

This past weekend we packed up and drove to Kansas City for a basketball tournament. Payton's AAU team, The Arkansas Hawks, did a great job against some tough competition! They were definitely in the most difficult pool, which was good because they got to play against some great teams. Even though they went 1-3 in pool play, they improved with each game. Some of the teams they were playing against were HUGE. They had players that were at least 6'3". I think the boys were intimidated at first and it took them a little while to realize that they could play with these guys.

After making it out of pool play, they played great and won their next couple games to make it into the final four! Way to go Hawks! We're so proud of how much the boys learned and progressed throughout the weekend. You could really see the difference in each game as they figured out their offense and how they could score on these giants they were playing against.

Payton did very well overall. He averaged about 12 points per game (most games had final scores around 30) and was a good leader for his team. He helps to keep the other players calm when they begin to lose their cool.

Here's a video I got during the first game. It's not very good, but all the pictures I took were even worse. So this is the best I've got. Payton is #5 on the white team. Watch for #12 on the blue team. This was our first game and this kid was soooo tall! He looked like he belonged in college. He was seriously the tallest 6th grader I've ever seen and he was a great ball player as well. One of my favorite quotes from the weekend was when one of Payton's teammates was talking about how this guy's armpit hair touched his arm when they were going for a rebound. He was so grossed out! Ha!

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