Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Is Why I Teach...

I have a wonderful, sweet, amazing, hilarious, special student in my class. This kid just lights up my day. He is smart, funny and so kind. He is also blind.
The other day while sitting with him he leaned over, gave me a hug, and said, "I love your voice. You have the sweetest voice in the whole world. I wish I could hear it forever."

Awww.... my heart just absolutely melted!

Sound is essential to this child. It helps him figure out where he is, what's around him, who is near him. He has a fascination with sound waves and how they travel. He absolutely HATES the sound of the fire alarm. He can tell which bus is his from a block away. To me, all the buses sound the same, but not to this child. He is amazing. And I am proud that to his ears, my voice is the sweetest in the whole world.

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