Monday, May 10, 2010

Elly's Birthday Celebration...

This week we celebrated our sweet Elyse's 3rd birthday. On Tuesday we had a family dinner complete with cake and present opening...

Sweet girl!

Silly face!

Playing with one of her new toys. She knows "E" is for Elyse!

Then on Saturday we celebrated again with a party at a local park. We invited some of her friends from school as well as her buddies she hangs out with on the weekends. :)

She loved the ballerina card that Nanna and Poppy gave her. It played "Fur Elise" and she just danced and danced to it all afternoon! I loved her ballerina spin. That girl can dance!

She had fun opening all the thoughtful gifts her sweet friends brought her.

This remote control car that Addye and Kynzie gave her was a hit! So fun!

Go Ava Go!

Eating delicious cupcakes with her friend Trinity.

Racing down the slide with Hayven.

Look at those smiles!

Elyse has such a sweet group of friends. I think it is just so great that she is friends with so many of my friend's children. I grew up with these girls, and now our daughters are going to grow up together. I can just picture them hanging out together as teenagers. Oh no... actually, I'm not quite ready to picture that! Let's just enjoy toddlerhood.

Happy Birthday Elly Belly!

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