Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning to Cook...

I've been inspired. Inspired by The Pioneer Woman. Her website is amazing. Her photos. Her stories. Her recipes. I love it.

Ryan has always been the cook in our family. But lately I've been following some of the Pioneer Woman's yummy recipes. And I've actually enjoyed it. I never really thought I'd like to cook... it's just never interested me. But I'm really loving it!

Now don't get me wrong. I'm no pro. Not everything I've tried has turned out so yummy. But it's a process and I'm definitely learning. And enjoying it along the way.

Here are some of the things I've made so far that I've enjoyed...

Chicken Spaghetti. This one was Payton's favorite.
{photo via Pioneer Woman}

Dinner Rolls. This was one of the learning moments. Next time they'll turn out better.
{photo via Pioneer Woman}

Lasagna. Yum!

{photo via Pioneer Woman}

If you haven't checked out the Pioneer Woman's blog yet. You've got to! It is truly life changing! (Just ask Jennifer or Haley... they've got my back on this one.)


  1. I cooked her Chicken Spaghetti once - it is amazing! I'm gonna have to try that lasagna sometime!

  2. Hey! I was an intern at the school you teach at and now have two babies of my own! I hopped over from Cori Fryar's site thinking it was the 19 children Duggers and am so glad that I made that mistake! All your food looks yummy--I am workiing on my cooking skills as well.